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“Discovering China”- Summer Camp for International High-school Students!

Welcome to “Discovering China”- Summer Camp for International High-school Students! Any student who is 13 to 18 years old and wants to learn Chinese language and culture are welcome to apply. Every July, the summer camp will lead the students to learn Chinese, to visit Beijing’s cultural heritage, to explore legendary Chinese culture, to make Chinese friends, and to taste fabulous Chinese foods. We assure you a memorable journey in “Discovering China.”
  • Features of “Discovering China” -- Summer Camp for International High-school Students 1: Language study in a pure Chinese environment will help students promote their Chinese communicative skill. Based on their Chinese level, we divide the students into small classes, in which experienced Chinese......
  • Checklist before Departure Things prepared by us: Quilt, Pillow, Blanket
    Things prepared by yourself:
    1. Toiletries......
  • Camp Rules 1. Respect the teachers. If you have issues with study or life, you should politely ask the teachers for help.
    2. Attend the assigned class. If you want to switch to another class, you should first ask the teachers for approval......
  • Estimated budget Estimated budget:

    Registration Fee: RMB.300

    Hotel Cost: RMB.90/day x 20 = 1,800


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