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Discovering China:

An International Academic Travel Program
About Us:
Beijing Dongfang Shangxin Education Services Co., Ltd is a consulting and educational organization that aims in serving individuals and groups who are willing to learn Chinese language and culture.
We design and administer fitting programs for every single student by considering their particular cognitive and cultural backgrounds. The learning will be maximized through the combination of texts and practical experiences. Services include language learning, cultural heritage travel, and internship arrangement.
Our sincere and considerate services will provide an interactive and dynamic platform, on which people especially youths from different countries could communicate with Chinese people and culture, thereby discovering a real China.
 Our Missions
1: To promote the enterprise of academic travel in China
2: To foster cross-cultural communication between youths
3: To introduce Chinese language and culture to the world
Who We Are:
1: Chinese Teaching Team: Professional and experienced teachers have designed suitable courses that are based on particular backgrounds and needs of the students.
2: Chinese Folk Culture Team: Experts in Chinese painting, calligraphy, paper cutting, taiji, Chinese dance, and traditional music are willing to teach and share the knowledge with the students.
3: Cultural Travel Team: Outstanding tour guides are excel at interpreting culture and history.
4: Logistics Team: Experienced staffs are responsible for dining and lodging. Doctors ensure students’ health during the program.
1: Group Chinese Learning
Based on specific language level and learning needs of the students, we design appropriate curriculums, creating a fine language atmosphere to promote their Chinese listening and speaking skills. Teaching methods include lecture, real-life simulation, communication with Chinese college students, and language practice at tour sites. The language study and cultural tourism will jointly provide the students with a wonderful experience in China.
2: Individual Chinese Learning
We have developed cooperative relationships with a number of universities in Beijing. Based on their particular needs, we assist each student to find, compare, and choose the most appropriate school that provides systematic language practice.
3: Chinese Summer Camp for High School Students
We provide a unique program for high school students to explore Chinese culture during summer vacation. The students will taste Chinese culture in organized group activities. Spectacular folk arts, foods, historic sites, and new friends

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